Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Operator, this is an emergency!!!!

A couple of guys that work in our Scotland office came in today for 2 days of assessing how our systems are configured and to see if they can help me with some bizarre problems we are having that tech support cannot help with. I escorted them to our area and showed them around a bit. I left them to get their laptops booted up and check e-mail and started on my problem of the hour. A minute later Barrie and Alan were in my cube presenting me with a bottle of 12 year old Scotch and a box of shortbread. Awesome! I have never met these guys in person before. I was really shocked.

Not only was I running around with my normal duties and meetings all day, but I was catering to them, answering questions and demonstrating how we do things. It was a really tiring day. We worked later than I normally work, but we were really making progress on identifying a database problem I am having. Last week when they were still planning this trip invited me out to dinner for tonight. I have the kids this week, but tonight is the night my ex was taking the boys to dinner. PERFECT!

We went to one of my favorite restaurants downtown. Barrie wanted to sample all of the beers that they brew. There were only 2 of the 10 he didn't care for. We all ordered the same meal, the chef's ribeye special for the night. The waiter thought that they might be out so he went right back and checked. They were out, but the chef decided that since we all wanted it he would make up some more special. DAMN IT WAS GOOD!!!!

I came home and watched a couple episodes of Firefly with my kids, then my brother called laughing his ass off. He just got a new puppy last week and apparently the pup got a hold of the cordless phone. Mike heard the sound of the buttons being pressed, quickly yelled "NOOO, NOOO!" and grabbed the phone from Penalope (don't ask). A minute later his phone rang. Apparently the dog had dialed 911, the operator answered and heard my brother yell "NOOO, NOOO!" before getting hung up on. Of course she dispatched police to his house right away (standard policy for any hang ups to 911).Mike explained the situation to the 911 operator which made her howl.

The police arrived rather quickly. Mike again explained what happened. The cops laughed and wanted to see the dog that could dial 911. They checked out the rest of the house of course before laughing their way back to the squad car.

I laughed so hard I got a headache.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stupid people tricks

I found this link on Jazz's blog. I was way too entertained by it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On-line Dating Experiences - E-Personality Disorder

I haven't been a paying member of any of the on-line personals websites since around November of last year I think it was. I was on Match.com at that time, but I have also been a member on Yahoo Personals, E-Harmony, Dating.com, a little known site called Love Access, and way back when I first went back to dating I was on udate.com

I tried e-Harmony a while back. I did the full blown "interrogation" that they put you through. I was very honest in all of my answers. It was actually really accurate as far as its evaluation of me.

I have heard of people only getting matched with 2 or 3 people over months of time on there, so I wasn't expecting much. I was surprised that I was being matched with 1 or 2 women a week.
My problem with this site was that I was matched with a bunch of women that lied on their "tests".

I kept thinking "How can they be stating that they have such a great system". I decided to just throw caution to the wind and actually meet someone from there.

I got to see some pictures of her so I knew she was decent looking. I talked to her on the phone a few times. She seemed nice during the first call... kind of nervous, but during a second call she was kind of flirty. She made a reference to sex toys. I was thinking to myself "Is this the same person?"

I was working in Denver at the time, actually very near where she lived, so we met for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. She was pretty freaked out about me seeing her. She was a little heavier than I expected, but not so bad that it would have turned me off. She just seemed very embarrassed and guarded about what she was saying.

While eating we talked, but not a lot. Near the end of the meal she opened up a bit more. It started feeling a bit more at ease for both of us. Then all of a sudden she started talking about her arsenal of sex toys and that she wanted to get a sex swing. I'm not sure, but I think my jaw literally hit the table.

This woman may have had a split personality. It's the only thing that would explain the flip flop. I told her about a friend of mine that does the home sex toy parties. I told her I would hook her up if she wanted.

When we were done we were walking out the restaurant and she flipped again and got all shy again.

This woman had me worried. I called her the next day to tell her it wasn't going to work. That was the last E-Harmony date I went on. After that things dried up oon that site.

That site is very expensive, but if the quality aproach would have worked instead of the quantity like the other sites it would have been worth it.

I don't think I'll be going back to that site.

Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Over... What's Next

Well most of you will be glad to know that I am not seeing Rayette anymore. Big shock, I know. I had enough and had to end it. This past weekend just capped it off, then we had a big argument last night.

Part of me is sad, but part of me is also relieved that I don't need to agonize over it any longer. I know I let it go on longer than anyone would have expected. I had hopes.

Time to focus on the next couple weeks. We have Thanksgiving, then Kevin's birthday, then someone else's birthday that shall remain nameless, my sister's birthday which I am flying to Michigan for.

Then the Christmas shopping onslaught. yippee!

I was over at my brother's house yesterday checking out the Bronco game in High Definition. I am so getting that after Christmas. He also has a new puppy from some friends of his. It's a yellow lab. He is planning on some serious training. Actually I think he may need as much training as the dog. I forgot to take the camera. I'll get some pictures on turkey day and post them.

Men Belong on the STREET side

Chrissie had asked the question about if there is a proper side that a man is supposed to stand on when walking with his woman down the street. All the guys that had a clue knew that the guy walks on the street side. This mannerism started probably hundreds of years ago to keep a woman's dress from getting soiled by passing carriages and eventually cars driving by. My mother had told me about this when I was in my teens. I remember a few times consciously getting on the correct side when I was younger, but I guess it eventually became a perfectly natural thing to do. I didn't really think about it that much.

The discussion reminded me of a woman I used to date.

Tammy and I met through an on-line personals site (no, it wasn't Adult Friend Finders). She seemed very sweet from the conversations we had. It always started out through e-mail, then eventually phone calls. There was one problem, she lived a 5 hour drive away. She was in Colorado... barely. She owned a shop in a small tourist town in southern Colorado.

She had mentioned that she was thinking about moving to Colorado Springs or Denver to see if her shop could do better. I told her about some great places a shop like hers could do very well
here in the Colorado Springs area. She was going to be coming through "The Springs" on her way to a show in Denver and asked me out. I thought that was very cool that she just came out and asked me for a date. A few weeks before we met she explained to me that she was born with a deformed arm. My immediate reaction was a slight cringe, but I really liked everything about her, I wanted to meet her. She decided that she would get a hotel room here in town.

We met at a nice restaurant for dinner downtown. She was even more beautiful that her pictures. The arm took a little getting used to. We decided to go to a little club nearby to see if a decent band was playing. Nobody that was any good. I asked if she just wanted to sit and have a drink at a fairly quiet bar (which happens to be the one my brother manages).

In walking her to the bar I started on her left side because it was the side closest to the street. She told me I needed to switch sides. I looked at her like "what are you talking about?". Well that was the side with her short arm and she wanted to hold my arm while walking. I was totally embarrassed.

I was so used to standing on the street side that I kept having to do this dance around her to get on the correct side for her to hold my arm. It became a big joke between us.

It really amazed me how growing up this way totally made it not any kind of a handicap. Here business was a little craft store that sold nothing but bear knick knacks (Teddy Bears, bear signs for the walls, lamps, carvings, etc). The most amazing thing about it all was her Teddy Bears. She made them all, by hand. Yes, I said it, by hand. We dated for about a month. During that time I spent the weekend with her and saw her make one of her bears. I was amazed just watching her.

She is a really great lady, but unfortunately we didn't continue on with our relatinship.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Behind The Fool

Don't tell her that you want her
Don't ask her to be yours
Don't tell her she is everything

Or she might see the fool behind the frown
And then the heart behind the fool

Don't tell her that you need her
Don't tell her that you care
Don't ask her to hold you

Or she might see the fool behind the frown
And then the heart behind the fool

Behind the cool, there's a dreading that
Someday she'll betray you
Someday she will dispose of
All her photographs of you

So don't tell her when you're lonely
Don't tell her when you're blue
Don't tell her she means everything to you

So don't tell her that you need her
Don't tell her that you care
Don't ask her to hold you

Or she might see the fool behind the frown
And then the heart behind the fool

By Del Amitri

Personality Type

I am shocked that Chrissie and I are in the same type

Jon, your love personality type is ENTJ
About 3-5% of the U.S. population possesses the combination of traits that make up this personality type.

Being an ENTJ means that you've got a bit of a rebellious streak in you. So rather than being the kind who follows, you'll usually choose to lead the pack. You also appear to love a challenge more than most others do. So if somebody wants something done, all they have to do is tell you that it's impossible. You're apt to show them then and there how you can make it happen. You're not one to be easily discouraged in any aspect of your life. So if someone catches your eye, you'll likely find a way to get to know them come hell or high water. You're not just a dreamer. You're a doer.

In relationships, you usually have a clear sense of where you want things to lead. You also know how to take charge of a situation to help things go your way. You can exude a personal strength and confidence that really wins people over. Your friendly, outgoing nature also makes most people quite happy to follow your lead. Perhaps they're empowered or inspired by your self-esteem and can-do thinking.



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

HNT Already?

Holy shit it seems like this is almost a daily event. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing all the skin that you ladies are willing to show. I just have such a hard time coming up with something that is either creative or minimally entertaining. I am trying to not freak anybody out. I feel like I'm letting some of you down.

Tagged Again!

Rules are as follows: Remove the blog at No. 1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot;

1. The Ex-Girlfriend Project
1. Beauty in the Breakdown
2. Oh So Wonderful
3. DZER’s Diatribe
4. Blog By Force
5. Kick In The Pants

Next: select five new friends at random to add to the pollen count. (No one is obligated to participate and anyone can play if they want to).

1. Mel
2. Ava
3. Avery
4. Stacy
5. Steph

What were you doing ten years ago?

Nov 1995 I was married with one of my kids here. I was working on a horrible government contract as the Configuration Management Supervisor. I hated that place so much. My ex and I had just finished some marriage counseling and were talking about buying a new house.

What were you doing one year ago?
Nov 2004… I was working in Englewood, commuting 1+ hour each way. I was just about to start dating Laura. She and I had been good friends for a couple years, then this time last year she wanted to try changing our relationship. I was reluctant because I wasn't sure I wanted to go there and possibly ruin our friendship. Guess what... it ruined the relationship. I haven't talked to her since February.

What were you doing yesterday?
I went to work while my kids had a snow day from school. I paid bills and did laundry when I got home. I threw a Stouffers Chicken Enchilada family "troff" in for dinner. Pretty exciting day, huh?

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Nachos
2. Popcorn
3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
4. Chocolate chip cookies
5. Fruit

Five songs to which you know all the words
1. Good Girls Don't - The Knack
2. Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House
3. What I Like About You - The Romantics
4. You Wanted More - Tonic
5. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Pay off all my debt and have a house built
2. Buy a Lexus SC 430 and a GMC Yukon
3. Travel... First thing would be to take Chrissie up on that date she promised
4. Set my mom up in a nice retirement community
5. Invest

Five bad habits
1. Snacking late
2. Flirting (if you could consider that a bad thing)
3. Picking my nose
4. Fart on elevators
5. Speeding

Five things you like doing
1. Sex
2. Watching Movies
3. Listening to music
4. Flirting, Kissing
5. Driving my car fast

Five things you would never wear again
1. Cordoroy. Hate it, hate it, hate it
2. Briefs or thong
3. Joop (cologne... that's a stinker)
4. Polyester
5. Glasses (full time)

Five favorite toys
1. My computers
2. Kids XBox
3. My quad
4. Mr. Happy
5. Any toy that a girlfriend requests

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Music Meme

Meme from Mel

1) A favorite political track: The Taliban by Toby Keith

Not something I would generally look for, but heard it on The Bob & Tom Show and LOVED IT! He and Scotty Emerick have written some really funny shit.

2) One of those tracks that make you dance on the dance floor no matter what: Didn't Mean To Turn You On by Robert Palmer

This was the first song that I danced to where the girl asked me to dance. She was gorgeous, and I was in shock. One of the guys I was at the club with asked me to teach him how to dance after that. I basically told him to fuck off. I felt like a god for a few minutes.

3) The song you’d use to tell someone you love them: Count On Me (Somebody) by Tonic

I probably wouldn't use this song, but I connected with it when I was dating someone a few years ago.

4) A song that has made you sit down and analyze it’s lyrics: Drops of Jupiter by Train

It has funny and quirky lyrics, but I liked the message that is basically the same as "If you love someone, set them free". Well, that's my interpretation anyway

5) A song that you like, that a two year old would like as well: Rock Lobster by The B-52's

Sorry, but I was not going to research kids songs. I had enough of those when Kevin was a baby. Once I pronounced Barney dead I brain-washed him into loving The Beatles.

6) A song that gives you an energy boost: Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

Probably not as energetic as most people would pick, but I love the whole vibe of this song. This is one of those that I crank in the car and make a fool of myself by really getting into singing to it and air drumming

7) A song that you and your grandparents (would probably) like: Recipe For Love by Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry is a classic. I love his upbeat stuff. My grandparents were all dead by the time I was 10, so I had no idea what they liked. My dad was as old as most of my friends grandparents.

8) A song that you really liked when you were 14-16, and still really like now: Next To You by The Police

One of my all time favorite songs from one of the greatest bands ever. My first concert was seeing The Police my junior year in high school (The Go Go's opened). I saw them again when I was in college. When I heard that The Police had broke up I thought it was going to be the end of good music as we know it.

9) A sad song that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life: Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis

A cool, depressing, haunting song

10) A peppy song that would start the opening credits of the movie about your life: Spy In The House Of Love by Was (Not Was)

Love "The Was". Such a bizarre and talented band. They ranged from some serious funky stuff to the odd "Captain Beefheart"-ish tunes.

11) A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that you liked: Tuxedo Junction by Glenn Miller

I know my parents loved big band/swing. I though it was so cool to hear Dad cheer out loud during one of my jazz band performances when we featured a bunch of big band music.

12) A song that you think should have been playing when you were born: Brother by Toad The Wet Sprocket

Not that this song was around then, but it seems to fit. I think I need to track down what the guys from Toad are doing now and get their lastest stash.

13) A favorite artist duo collaboration: Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

I have always been a fan of both Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. When they did this back in the early 80s I was totally jazzed by it. Say, Say, Say (w/ MJ) on the other hand I could not stand.

14) The song that you like despite the fact your IQ level drops several points every time you listen to it: He's My Best Friend by Jellyfish

To put it simply, this song is about a guy and his right hand. You do the math.

15) Your smooth song, for relaxing: Giving You The Best That I Got by Anita Baker

Anita is the epitome of classy R&B

16) A song you would send to someone you hate or are mad at: She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd

What a sweet little ditty

17) A song that reminds you of a past break-up: If You're Gone by Matchbox 20

Actually the whole Mad Season album reminds me of my divorce.

18) A favorite track from an outfit considered a super-group: Big Machine by Goo Goo Dolls

This was tough. I don't like a lot of "Super Groups". I think The Goo Goo Dolls should be considered one.

19) A song that makes you reminisce about good times with a family member: Hey Julie by Fountains of Wayne

I did not know my sister Paula liked Fountains of Wayne, but during her memorial service we took her iPod, plugged it in to a boom box and just set it to random. My sister was the coolest, and when I heard this song playing I knew that her influence was all threw my musical tastes.

20) Your favorite song at this moment in time: Dirty Little Secret by All-American Rejects

I found this in someone's profile on MySpace and immediately dug it. I went right out and bought both All-American Rejects CDs.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Late Weekend Report

I had a fun weekend with the boys up in the mountains.

We stayed in a cabin that my company owns. I was hoping for some better weather, but the wind didn't want to cooperate. The sun shined brightly the whole weekend, but the wind and cold air prevented us from getting any hiking in. I was looking forward to finding a rock formation called Booby Rocks.

We got out a bit, but for the most part we hung out in the cabin, played Yatzee, Parchesi, Blackjack (I think Erik, my 8 year old, is going to be a card shark). I took my laptop along for the sole purpose of watching some DVDs. They picked out about 8 movies even though I told then that 3 or 4 was the most we'd have time for.

Since there are so many comic book readers out there I am curious. What did everyone think of Batman Begins? I loved it myself, but then again I don't follow any comics anymore, and was never into Batman comics. The story didn't follow Tim Burton's treatment, which I am glad. I was not liking the villians in the earlier pieces, although a friend of mine and I picked Jim Carey to be The Riddler way before the though of the third movie came along. Too bad the writing on that one was for shit.

I was hoping to get together with Ailyn on Sunday night, but his plans didn't quite work out. Maybe some other time bud. My brother just moved to CT this past summer. I may be coming out there for a visit before too long. It would have been cool to meet up with a blogger friend.

I think I'll hit the sack early tonight. I need the extra Zs

My Seduction Style

Your Seduction Style: Sex Pot

Tradionally known as a "siren", "rake", or "femme fatale." You exude sensuality.
And while your sexiness is part of what makes you an incredible seducer...
Your ability to make others feel sexy is what really makes your seduction skills shine.

Most people don't feel attractive or desired enough - a need which you tap into.
You have the ultimate sex appeal, and getting attention from you is a total self esteem boost.
Your confidence is contagious, and you help others unleash their own sexuality.

Your sex pot seduction skills are so intoxicating that you can get away with... well, almost murder.
Lovers feel like your sensuality is in your blood, so it's only natural if you flirt a little.
And if you stray, that might be okay as well - as long as you make your lover still feel hot.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

HNT... better late than never

My ex always hated the fact that I could spread them

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photo Meme

Taken from Echotig

Favorite song:
Train - When I Look To The Sky

Grandma's name
Virginia White

Favorite food
Steak and corn on the cob

Favorite drink
Diet Dr. Pepper


Town I live in now
Colorado Springs, CO

Town I was born in
Madison Heights, MI

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

6.9 heh!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Non-tag Questionnaire

I can't find where I picked this up from, but feel free to do your own.

1. Craziest place you ever had sex? Back seat of a car going over the Golden Gate Bridge. OK, it was just a blow job, but I count it.

2. Ever pass out from drugging/drinking? No

3. What have you done you could have been arrested for? Drinking in public (which of course leads to urinating in public), Indecent exposure , Sex on the side of the road, Shoplifting (it would have been a juvi offense), DUI (when I was 19 or 20).

4. Ever cheated in school? Yes, but nothing severe

5. Ever dated a goth or a vamp? No, but a couple tramps :D

6. Ever keep secret from your friends someone you were dating? Yes, she was 17 (I was 20). No, I didn't have sex with her. Her parents approved of me. They were kind of trashy.

7. Most unusual place you ever slept? On the deck of my apartment, drunk with a few friends. I locked my keys in the apartment and my brother (we lived together) was in the mountains camping.

8. Favorite sexual position? I like a lot of them. But I think my fav is called "The Seventh Position Of The Perfumed Garden". It took me a while to find the name.

9. Cum before? Cum with or cum after your partner? After, I'll do anything to make sure I am not the first.

10. You have a tattoo or any other distinguishing features? birthmark on my right elbow

11. Ever dated someone you met online? Yes, a lot

12. Ever fell in love with someone you met online? Yes

13. Ever had sex with the same sex? No

14. Had a threesome? Yes

15. Ever cheated on a spouse or lover? Yes, and regretted it. She never knew

16. Are you a geek, dork or a nerd? Definitely a geek. A pretty normal person for a geek, but a geek just the same.

17. What is the biggest risk you have taken in your life? Getting married

18. What do you smell right now? My dirty body. I just worked out

19. Last song you listened to? Lincoln Avenue - Train

20. Last show you watched on TV? I watched a couple episodes of Firefly on DVD. Does that count. If not then it was probably a movie on HBO

21. Last movie you saw in the theater? The Legend of Zorro. It was kid safe, but I enjoyed it way more than I expected.

22. Favorite reality show? Don't watch any, so I would say my life

23. What was the last thing you felt guilty about? Messing up a file at work causing our software to not work properly.

24. Have you ever had phone sex? Yes, hardly ever. I've been told I am really good at it :D

25. Ever had virtual sex? Ummm is this anything like cyber? If so then yes

26. Have any sexual regrets? Yes, having sex with someone I really didn't like. I am not like that.

27. What is your most recent sexual fantasy? Sex on a train

28. Last time you masturbated? Last Saturday(Why did I want to do this questionnaire?)

29. Can you lick your own nipples? No, and if I could someone please shoot me

30. Would you ever date the person who sent you this quiz? I copied and pasted from someone's blog that I can't remember. So I guess I can't answer.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Her reaction was more of "we don't need to do that".

The boys played Xbox while we tried to find more information out about these pocket bikes. FYI, if you are looking for pocket bikes on-line don't let your child Google it. My son typed in Pocket Rocket. Luckily I caught the mistake as I saw the headline of the first item in the list. He didn't understand why I took over.

It was an hour or so before dinner time I thought about going to the store. I asked her if I should go get something. She was very non-commital, acting like she didn't want to put me out. I am a fairly sensitive person, so all of this was starting to feel to me like she was uncomfortable being here. I assured her that I am fine with whatever she wants to do.

Apparently I said something wrong. She decided that she would just pick up something for them on their way home. Her tone was not very pleasant. I was disappointed and frustrated. I took the boys out for wings. Luckily the wing place had the Bronco game on, so I at least had that distraction.

I felt as if I was being punished for offering to take them out. I had no idea what to do. I slept on it and hoped that tomorrow would bring some clarity.

She called me after I had picked up the kids from their mothers. She apologized about the way things went. She is having a lot of anxiety about me... or is it more about her?

1. She feels I am too accustomed to dining out. She can't afford it so she feels I am in a different class or something...UGH. It's not that we always eat out, but it does happen in my house often when I have the kids. I get home from work, pick the boys up from their mom's house, and by this time it is already close to 6 (possibly past 6 if I had to work late). Most decent meals take some time to prepare. I would rather not make my kids wait too long. Pasta tends to be made a lot. I am not good at meal planning. I tend to fill my cupboards with all kinds of different things for side dishes and a few veggies, and then buy a few types of meat to have for the week. If I had the time I would much rather stay home and cook something simple.

2. She feels I am too anxious to move things along in our relationship (this is because of inviting her and her son to spend the night). I think that she is too afraid to open up her heart. I have not pushed for much. I am a touchy feely kind of guy. I like to hold hands, kiss in public, lots of hugs. I sensed her hesitation early on with this behaviour so I have not been my normal touchy feely self. We do our share of holding hands, but as for kissing... this has been seriously lacking in my book. I think it's sad really. As for sex... I am all for it, but I am not pushing for it AT ALL. I know she is not ready, and I am willing to wait. A little background here... She and I had sex on our first date. It was actually about 12 hours after the date started, so I tend to give her and myself a little slack on this.

She says she loves hanging out and spending time together, yet she gets all uptight about me wanting to kiss her. I am not in this to be a guy friend. I have plenty of women friends, I do not want to limit this to just that.

I think I am going to be backing away from Rayette... not breaking it off, just not pursuing her. Maybe she can figure out what she wants and will change her tune. That is hard for me to do, but I think it is what needs to be done.

I know some of you think I should just dump her. Sorry to disappoint you.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gruelling Week

It's already been a week since I have posted anything of any substance (insert joke here).

Last weekend was very busy with R. We took my kids and one of her kids to dinner and to a "Fun Center" for an evening of driving go-carts, spin and puke rides, and haunted houses. Her youngest was spending the night at a friends house. We was a lot of fun.

R was so scared that she would just freeze up, which of course makes the people doing the scaring pay that much more attention to her. I had to hold her and drag her along. It was so cute and funny.

It was very late when we got back to my house. She has been adjusting from a night schedule to a day schedule. I asked if she wanted to crash at my place. I offered that she could sleep in my bed and I would sleep in Erik's. The boys always crash down in the family room when a friend is over. She turned me down. I guess she thought I had ulterior motives, which I didn't.

I was a bit worried about her driving the hour+ it takes for her to get home. I called her on her way home. When I am tired talking is one way for me to stay awake. She laughed and said I was being silly, especially since she was just barely out of town.

The next morning Kevin woke up and raked leaves. He actually woke me up when he went out the garage door. I didn't even have to remind him to do it. Geez, is he feeling okay?

A couple hours later R called to invite us down to her house for dinner, to carve pumpkins, and to rent some scary movies. We had to make a run to the store for a few things and rent movies. It was a great night, except for the movie that the boys chose.

I guess they aren't used to making fun of bad movies as they watch them. I think her son was wondering why I was giving them a hard time about their choice of movie. Erik was having some allergy problems, so we headed home around midnight. Her son wanted us to stay, but she didn't ask.

On Sunday R called and we talked a bit. She mentioned how she needed to come up this way to get her son. I didn't realize he was here. She asked if I knew any shops in town that sell those little pocket bikes. She said she wanted to get one for her oldest son, but wanted to check them out.

I did some checking around on the net, but I couldn't find a local dealer. Then I realized that motorcycle, car, boat, rv, etc dealers in Colorado are not open on Sundays (Don't ask me why, I can't figure that one out).

She was going to do some more yard work then head our way. She said she needed to be up here in time to get her son because the people he was with were going to a movie in the afternoon. I offered to go get him, unless it would be too strange. She said it would.

A little while later she called to ask me if I could get him. She wasn't going to get there in time. I had no problem with it, but in the back of my mind I was thinking "what if this is a ex-boyfriend of hers?". The boys and I went to get him. The house was in a brand new neighborhood. When I arrived a guy answered the door. He said hi, but that was it. I introduced myself and shook his hand. He didn't tell me his name. I knew right then that my instincts were right. I would have appreciated a warning at least.

I asked if he just moved in and told him I liked the place (no lawn yet, and hardly any furniture). He told me he'd been there for at least 6 months (WTF... get your ass in gear! No wonder you can't keep a girlfriend). So we left it at that, got her son ready and got out of there. He was obviously uncomfortable. I am not the jealous type, so I couldn't care less.

We went back to my house. R showed up about an hour later. I had not planned on them all being there, so I didn't have enough of any particular thing to feed the whole crew. I offered to take everyone out to dinner. For some reason that prompted a negative reaction.

To be continued...

You Are 20% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Clueless - HNT

Oh, just tell me to go to bed... BLAH!