Sunday, February 28, 2010

Needing some fun...

So much of my life is very frustrating right now.

I want to sell my house, but I am too lazy to prepare it for the market. I hear houses in the price range I am expecting are actually starting to sell fairly quickly. That's encouraging.

Work is going relatively well. My stress level is still up there, but my new boss has been great about everything. She is trying to help me to be a better manager. I never asked to be a manager, and my previous 4 bosses at this company didn't do shit to help me understand how it should be done. Now that Paula is my boss I am starting to understand that none of the previous bosses (except maybe one) were good managers either. It amazes me that this company is still surviving in these difficult times. Things are so poorly managed and inefficient that I would think we would be having major lay-offs. We have cut a few people, but surprizingly few considering the market. The good news is that projections for business in 2011 are much better.

My kids are doing well, and keeping busy. Kevin has been snowboarding a lot. Even after breaking his arm right after Christmas (it is already healed). Erik was on a Park & Rec football team last year that really pushed him. He decided this year to do a couple different things. He is playing team handball, and will begin baseball in the next month or so. He is planning on playing football again in the fall.

I have started trying to date again. It's not going very well. I don't know if it's my state of mind, or I just know what or who I want, and can't have that is influencing my thoughts. Dating doesn't feel very important to me anymore. I am still a horny bastard, but the drive to find someone doesn't seem to be there. What is wrong with me? I know some would say that I just haven't met the right person, but I think it goes deeper than that. Maybe I have become that cynical person I have tried so hard not to be all these years.

My brother in law was in Colorado for some skiing and and doing some musical gigs with some of his friends up in the mountains. He came by for a couple visits on his down days. He took a picture of me and the boys for my sister.