Thursday, November 11, 2010

Female Friends... Trouble or Beneficial?

Hi old friends... I am still around. Just really busy and mostly just Facebooking.

I have been really frustrated lately due to dating (big surprise). My friend Laura introduces me to her friends at parties and such. She is a good friend, but there are times where this can be a problem.

Laura gethered friends for a Cinco De Mayo this year, where I met Carrie. She is an amazing lady, and really easy to talk to. I knew I needed to get out of my shell and know this person.

Well, Carrie was receptive to getting to know me as well. She is such a sweet and kind person, and beautiful on top of that. We started off slow, which is good. We talked a lot, and then she dug deeper into my relationship with Laura. Well, being the honest guy that I am I told her how Laura and I have been friends since around 2002, and that there was a short period in 2005 where Laura and I moved things into dating. This didn't surprise Carrie, but I guess put some concerned thoughts in her head.

In subsequent days/weeks Carrie asked Laura if she cared that Carrie and I were seeing each other. Well, I guess the answer came back as something like "I am a little jealous, but I'll get over it". This did not go over well with Carrie. She didn't want to cause any friction in any of our friendships, so I was demoted to friend status. This really sucked on so many levels. I don't blame Carrie for making that call, but I am very disappointed. I do have an issue with Laura interferring.

There arn't a lot of Laura's friends that I am attracted to, so there isn't much risk of this happening again. But this now causes other problems.

The Friday before Halloween (2 days before) I was at a Halloween party at a friends house. I drove with Laura and 2 other ladies (friends of Laura) came with us along with me (mistake number 1). I don't mind driving. I do drink a little, but I would rather that I drive than trust someone else to maintain their ability to drive. I know my limits very well, and I don't tend to drink very much (well, not when driving)

I met a very pretty lady at the party. Considering I was in full Zombie attire I would not have expected anyone to be attracted to me, but Stephanie went out of her way to come meet and talk to me. I was thrilled to say the least. She was at last years party, but I really didn't get a chance to meet her then. She is very attractive.

Stephanie then told me she and her girlfriends were headed down to a club after the party and that I should meet her there. I believe the word AWESOME popped into my head. It just so happened that the band playing there is one of my favorites. The drummer I have been friends with since high school. Laura and the other ladies were originally wanting to go to a different club. The other ladies were with me on the change, but Laura was being bitchy about it. I guess I can't blame her. The band we were originally going to see is her favorite. But I am driving... Shut up and get in the car! They didn't know I had a hidden agenda.

As soon as we walked into the club I saw the other ladies on the dance floor. I didn't even hesitate as I moved right into their little group. One of the ladies, Kate, grabbed my tie, pulled me close and started a nice little dirty dancing grind on my leg. Too damn funny... and HOT! But Kate kind of scares me. I put my focus on Stephanie. We danced a lot and talked when we could, and at one point she leaned close and told me she thinks I am cute. OK, that was a good green flag, but do you see that picture? How could someone say I was cute?

During the time at the club I was getting a lot of stares from other people there. Most people were not in costume, but I got a lot of positive feedback on my get up. A lot of "Dude... that's awesome" kinds of remarks. One guy's feedback was a little too possitive. He kept talking to me when I wasn't on the dance floor with the ladies. I was wondering if maybe he thought I was someone else. So as the night progressed I was kind of getting annoyed by him. Then he asked to buy me a drink. What the fuck!? I was already done drinking from the party, but a guy asking to buy me a drink in a club full of women. I'm no idiot. I told him thanks, but no thanks. That I was done drinking for the night. He then said "Fine then, you buy me a drink". This just annoyed me. Move along.

I was standing next to one of the ladies that came along with me. Her name is Audra. We were laughing about these 2 people on the dance floor. The guy was getting a bit touchy with her. She did not seem to be enjoying it. She turned her back to the guy and was looking straight at us and mouthed "Do you know this guy?". I couldn't help but laugh really loud. Audra lean over and whispered in my ear, "I bet Laura hooks up with that guy by the end of the night". This comment confused me, but was funny. I am not sure why she said this. The Michaela, the 3rd lady I was chauffering grabbed my hand and leaded me to the dance floor.

These ladies are a lot of fun to hang out with, but I was still trying to work things with Stephanie. I found her a little while later and got her back on the dance floor. After a while we were annoyed by some of the people crowding onto the floor, so we stopped dancing. She went to see where her friends were, and I tracked down mine. What happened next was simply amazing. I looked past Audra hanging by the high top table and saw Laura making out with the guy that Audra said she would be hooking up with later. I had to ask Audra how the hell she knew this was going to happen. Does she know him? She told me that he was just the type of guy that Laura would hook up with. So now it's official, Audra is a psychic.

I ran into Laura a while later. She was clearly drunk. We talked for a bit, and then she saw Stephanie heading out the door. Laura started saying how much she hates Stephanie. I tried to find out why, but she wasn't telling me anything.

Eventually I realized that we needed to get out of there before I had a sick person in my car. I rounded everyone up and convinced them it was time. The band was finishing up their last set, so it is better to go now before there is a mass of people (mostly drunk) on the road with me at the same time.

As we walked out Laura had to talk to the guy she was making out with. I then saw Stephanie on the front patio talking to her friends. I stepped over to say goodnight. I personally don't care that Laura doesn't like her. I didn't know

I drove everyone back to Laura's. I guess the girls were doing a sleep over. Laura repeated how she cannot stand Stephanie. I don't know if maybe she saw me dancing with Stephanie or what. Laura was really getting on my nerves on the drive back to her place. Thank god I didn't have to drive everyone to their individual homes. I got home and took some Advil and showered. It took some time to get all that crap off my face. I think I got to bed around 2:30.

I woke up that morning feeling a little of the effects of the night before. I wasn't really wanting to do it all over again, but we had another party to go to that night. Laura called, but I let it go to voicemail. She wanted to know if we could drive together to the next party. UUUUGH! I need to stop doing that so that I can leave when I want... and with who I want ;)

Then I saw a friend request on Facebook from Stephanie. Some days I hate Facebook, but this was not one of them.