Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music Videos... and why some don't suck

I have loved this band since their first CD came out in 96. I never saw the video. I've stopped watching MTV for obvious reasons. Came across this and laughed my ass off.

I had a girlfriend back in 2003/4 that HATED this song. I never understood why. One of our last dates during our first go round we went to see Matchbox Twenty, and opening for them was Fountains of Wayne. I was totally into it. She had a look of disgust on her face. I am thinking that maybe she saw this video and didn't like it. Her kids were the age of the kids in this video at the time. Hehehe

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Guess what day it is kids?

It is my Blogiversary

Not that this is a big deal, especially when I have a hard time posting once a month.
My life is not so different from month to month. My department has been making a lot of great progress on our projects. Although I am feeling a sense of accomplishment, I am also feeling burned out. I think my whole department is. We're even starting to get on each other's nerves, which has never happened with my group of "performers". I need to do something for them, but unfortunately I have to get approval to do ANYTHING to boost morale.

My mom, and cousin have been hounding me to go to maine this summer. They are renting a couple of houses for a week. This would make it much more affordable, but I think I would rather just escape away from everyone for a week. Anyone got a couch needing an occupant?

An old friend and I patched things up recently. She and I aren't dating. We did date for about 4 weeks a number of years ago. That ended, but we stayed friends. Then we had a falling out. That was aout 3 years ago. We've contacted each other over the last few years, but up until a few weeks ago we had not seen each other. We met for drinks and it was like the friendship had never been stopped.

Last week she invited me to a friend's wine party. I haven't been getting out much, so I felt it would be good to meet some new people. I then found out that this is a singles group she belongs to. She said "there will be lots of single ladies to mingle with". This actually sounded more and more like something I needed. I picked up a nice Pinot Noir.

Well, I had a great time. No, I didn't get any phone numbers. I didn't even try, to be honest. It was just good to meet some people and kind of refreshing to just start a conversation with someone out of the blue. I did meet a few very attractive ladies. I made a good impression with a number of people, so hopefully I will be invited to more events of theirs.

I do want to share this...

Untitled from Graham Butler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lost in the real world

It's been over a month since I have posted anything. I have so much to say, but have no time to organize my thoughts.

I wish that I could say that I have been secluded away on a tropical island, but that would just be a lie. I've gone skiing a couple times, but mostly I've just been working.

The love life is non-existant. I went from seeing 2 women in December. Then I was down to one. That fizzled, but came across another lady that I saw a couple times. Now that one is gone too. The last 2 I didn't even get a break up e-mail. I haven't heard a word. This is partially my fault, but it is a 2 way street.

I'm now coming down with a cold... FUCK!