Saturday, August 30, 2008

WOOHOO... 2 posts this month

Inspired by Grace

I actually took a couple days off of work this past week and met up with a friend of mine in San Diego. No... It wasn't Jillie. It was a different friend that happens to live a couple hours from there in Arizona. I've mentioned her a few times before, but it's been years (literally). Unfortunately, Jillie was in the midwest having her usual fun, like visiting another one of my favorite bloggers, Evening, so we didn't get a chance to meet for that drink she owes me (or do I owe her?)

Had fun... relaxed a bit... took pictures... I didn't take my laptop or my work cell phone (which probably irritated my boss (ask me if I care).

I am not in the mood to insert the pictures right now, but I will eventually.

My mom is having a tough time in Michigan this year. She's had chronic heartburn, and is now having lots of bladder infections. She had to miss her yearly trip to Maine (remember the lobster from last year?) because of it. I feel bad for her.

After dealing with a couple lazy doctors that just want to treat symptoms my sister got her to someone who finally figured out what was going on. Her insides are shifting out of place. I guess this is common when you get older, but I've never heard of it.

The shifting (or dropping) has caused her bladder to get pinched off which is causing the infections. She is scheduled for surgery next week. It is freaking me out. She is 80 years old.

I am going to take my kids to Michigan during their fall break from school in October. I hope that will cheer her up. We'll be driving, so it won't be quite a week that we're there.

I am also planning on going to Michigan this year for Christmas. I won't have the kids, but I am planning on taking my brother with me since he couldn't go last year. It's just not the same without Mike there, but it won't be the same without my kids either.

I may have time for a Michigan Bloggers gathering if anyone is up for it.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dr. Horrible

There is nothing better than to find something out there that is not only from the best writer/director in the world (Joss Whedon), but it is funny... DAMN FUNNY!

You be the judge (only available on the web... for now)

I can't wait to get the DVD

I have totally screwed things up on my template, so i can't add a permanent link to the Dr. Horrible site on the sidebar :(