Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Kicks My Ass

One post for the entire month... so sad

The Christmas holiday was fine. But the weeks leading up to my vacation have really burned me out. Now that I am on my vacation I find that I just want to veg out, but family and friends won't have it.

On top of the rest of the months stress, I started dating 2 different women. They are 2 entirely different types of people. The one I have seen the most is an IT geek (not the same as what I do). We had some really nice dates, but then she dumped me right before my Michigan trip, siting that I don't seem interested enough. After 4 dates am I supposed to be calling every day? When she dumped me via e-mail it had only been 4 days since I saw her last, and I had my kids. The other is fine with the limited contact. In fact I am getting the impression she may just want me for sex. We haven't done "it" yet. That could get interesting. Time to stock up on condoms again. I could be totally wrong about this, but I know she is not someone to get too serious about at this point. Maybe I'll explain later.

I drove to Michigan with my brother Mike. Our brother Billy was there too with his family. I was sad because I couldn't take my kids. My mom and my sister Patt in Michigan are always great to see. My brother-in-law John (late sister Paula's husband) and my niece kate were also wonderful to see. My sister's family (husband and 2 kids from a previous marriage) get on our nerves. I could, and ma, post about how much of a pain in the ass he is.

Mike and I decided to drive by our old neighborhood in Madison Heights. Our old house is for sale and falling apart. It is very depressing to see.

We headed back to Colorado on Sunday. I figured we would stop somewhere in eastern Kansas that night, but we managed to drive all the way through. 18 hours straight. Our longest break was in Missouri where we had a quick bite to eat and stopped to buy some fireworks. We left Michigan a little before noon eastern time , and arrived at my house at 4:30 am mountain time.

I think the thing that helped us the most was we downloaded The History of Howard Stern Act 2 before we left. We listened the whole way. I almost had to pull over a few times due to laughing myself to extreme tears a few times. I know Howard Stern isn't everyones cup of tea, but I love his irreverant humor. Although I don't think he is as disrespectful as most people think he is.

The boys and I are going skiing on New Years Day with some friends. My first skiing of the season. For some reason I am not looking forward to it. I think I just need to go skiing alone sometime, and not have to deal with anyone else's schedules or needs.