Friday, February 06, 2015

Coming out of the fog...

I am finally feeling normal again. Depression and anxiety sure do take its toll at times.

The lady that cuts my hair, is a very good friend. I met her a few days after the first time LaLa and I broke up (about 2 years ago). I knew I liked Tiffany, but was in a bad place at the time. After I was out of the funk I looked her up on Facebook. Unfortunately, she was married.

She has been wanting to set me up with some of her friends (one mentioned in my last post). I am very hesitant to go for a fix up. The last time it happened it turned out sooo badly after a couple months. I guess I am a little more open to it right now, but I am going to be very selective on the type of people friends set me up with.

I am not sure why she did this, but she pointed out a friend of hers on Facebook. I checked her out. She is very pretty, has a good job, but lives in California. I had to ask Tiffany if this lady was planning on moving here. Apparently not. I don't quite understand why she thinks this makes for a good relationship. I jokingly asked her if she was trying to get me to leave town. The last thing I need to add to my anxiety is a long distance relationship.

Last weekend another friend wanted our group of friend to meet her at a local restaurant in our neighborhood. Tiffany brought a girlfriend with her, and gave me a look like "you're gonna like this one". Oh my god, the pressure. I did hear her tell Tiffany that she was right, that I was quite the smart ass. Tiffany is obviously working both ends of this. Fortunately, I did like her. Unfortunately, that was a terrible location with a load of loud friends to get to know someone. This lady had to leave early. I guess she lives in Denver.

I have not heard from Tiffany about what her friend thought. Maybe I should just take it as her friend not liking something about me, which is fine. But I would like to know, either way.