Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jon's Bad Vinyl

OK, I was 13 years old. I loved the band Chicago growing up. My brothers and sisters influenced me a lot in my music choices as a youngster. Chicago’s first 8 albums were great. I think it was because of Chicago that I took up the trombone. Unfortunately, Chicago started becoming a very elevator oriented band. They could still rock, but the only hits they could make were crap like “If you leave me now”. I bought Chicago XII - Hot Streets (the only album with their pictures on it) trying to find 13 albums that I really wanted through Columbia House. It was the first album after the death of their original guitarist Terry Kath. Maybe I bought it hoping that Terry’s death might have spurred them into some real music again. No such luck. One of their big hits off of it was “No Tell Lover”… ARGH!!!

I am sure there are more

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Friday, July 28, 2006

What died in here?

I came down from taking a shower and was overcome by a serious stink. "What the hell is that?". My kids looked at me like I was losing my mind (maybe I am). Now I need to do a major cleaning in my kitchen. I think I tracked it down to being a combination of the trash and that one of my kids left a big stink in the bathroom off of the kitchen. Sometimes I feel like buying a new house just to get away from the cleaning.

My carpets need cleaning, my floors need mopping, my windows need cleaning. Then I need to repair the cabinet surrounding my sink. I had a leak that has totally buckled the base of the cabinet beneath the sink. On top of all this I need to have half of the windows (the entire frames) in my house replaced. When does it end?

I got the offer package from FedEx yesterday. My benefits through these guys is going to be cheap. That is awesome.

My best friend moving is getting me down. I can totally relate with how Terry felt (well, not totally). But I feel like there is going to be a hole in my life. Mike and his family have been close friends with me and my ex since we first met 9 years ago. We did large landscaping projects , constructed swing sets and sheds, worked on vehicles, and of coarse went camping and riding quads/motorcycles together. He has been the best friend I could ever want. Obviosly we're going to be visiting them (and they us) from time to time, but Idaho is a long ways away.

With them leaving I am wondering if I want to keep my quad. I hardly ever took it out unless they were with us. It was never as much fun. He's bugged me for years about selling him my quad. He has a couple 2 wheel drive sport bikes, while mine is a 4x4 workhorse. He has borrowed it numerous times to do some work out on his 40 acre property. Why don't I do it? Maybe I am hoping that since both of my kids have motorcycles of their own we can go riding on our own more. I am still really nervous about Erik riding a bike. I may just sell the bike Mike sold me last month and buy Erik a small quad.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

50 boring things

I stole this from TequilaGirl who stole it from Lori along time ago.

1. My roommate and I once: Shoplifted while grocery shopping. We were very broke.
2. Never in my life have I: scuba dived
3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always manage to make me smile is: My ex-girlfriend R
4. High school was: fun at times, but mostly a pain in the ass.
5. When I’m nervous: I talk too much one-on-one, or stay real quiet in a large group.
6. The last time I cried was: a few weeks ago
7. If I were to get married right now my bridesmaids/groomsmen would be: non-existent. I am not having a big wedding, if I ever have one again.
8. Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone email your deepest secret too all your friends? E-mail my secret
9. My hair: brown and straight, with just a touch of gray
10. When I was 5: I figured out that my dad was an asshole
11. Last Christmas: I hosted Christmas at my house.
12. When I turn my head left: I see drywall.
13. I should be: going on a trip. Anyone want to meet me in Vegas?
14. When I look down I see: a hair on my desk
15. The craziest recent event was: driving across country with my brothers in a moving truck
16. If I were a character on Friends Id be: Chandler
17. By this time next year: I'll be needing a vacation
18. My favorite Aunt is: Charlene
19. I have a hard time understanding: Why women date men that are idiots
20. One time at a family gathering: my dad announced to our whole family that he was leaving my mom because of me and my brother fighting all the time (refer to #10). He didn't leave, but it was the first in many big blowouts.
21. You know I like you if: I can stand to talk on the phone with you for more than 5 minutes.
22. If I won an award, the first person (people) Id thank: My family
23. Take my advice: and finish college
24. My ideal breakfast is: scrambled eggs, bacon, buttermilk buscuits with strawberry preserves, and orange juice
25. If you visit my home town: the drinks are on me.
26. Sometime soon I plan to visit: many places
27. If you spend the night at my house: please don't puke in the bed
28. I’d stop my wedding if: I want to
29. The world could do without: Jerry Springer
30. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: go back to my ex.
31. The most recent thing I’ve bought myself is: a computer game on eBay.
32. The most recent thing someone else bought for me is: a Swiss Army Knife
33. My favorite blonde is: Chrissie
34. My favorite brunette is: MS
35. My car must have a sign on it that reads: "please don't signal. I am insignificant and deserve to have you cut me off".
36. The last time I was drunk: two years ago.
37. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds: fish flying through the air after jumping out of the water on my fishing line.
38. I shouldn’t have been: so shy when I was young. I missed out on a lot of dates with great girls.
39. Have you ever shaved your pubic hair? Yes, but only to shorten it. Me with bald pubes would be freakish looking since I have hair everywhere else (sorry for that visual).
40. Last night I: took MS to dinner after she returned from Europe
41. There’s this girl I know who: is totally insane. I am worried that she is watching me.
42: I don’t know: why I have a low self-esteem
43. A better name for me would be: Dr. Simon Tam
44. If I ever go back to school I’ll: get some certifications, then a degree
45. How many days until my birthday?: I don't know. It's Nov 30... you figure it out
46. One dead celebrity I wish Id met is: Johnny Carson
47. I’ve lived at my current address since: March 1996
48. I’ve been told I look like: Tom Cruise... or my brother. The TC thing happened when I was 21. I never believed it, but I did go out with that girl... eventually (yes, I was a chicken shit).
49. If I could have any car, it would be: Pontiac Solstice GXP (buy american)... but I'd get a different color.
50. If I got a new cat tomorrow, I would name it: Sneezy (I am way too allergic to cats)

Monday, July 24, 2006

When it all comes together

I was heading up to Denver for my interview. I couldn't eat breakfast, I was nervous. My phone interview with some of their managers the other day seemed to go very well. I wasn't sure what they were going to throw at me other than the fact that they had some issues with developers not being able to work from home, and replicating the source code (software under development) to India (why do companies keep screwing themselves over by contracting shops in India. Their telecom sucks which means sending data back and forth is not reliable).

I was told that it was a 6 month+ contract to hire. I was going in for 2 interviews. One was a technical interview with a developer, a manager, and a guy that I guess I would be his manager if hired. The second interview was going to be a management interview with a senior manager. This position isn't technically a management position, but it is a very important one. I will have 1 guy and possibly another under me, but I would not have specific employee management responsibilities (I kind of like it that way).

These 3 guys in the conference room were throwing some of their problems at me. I was able to give them a number of viable solutions we could implement (if I am hired... hehe). It was pretty clear that their processes are fairly immature, and that they were needing a number of improvements in both process and infrastructure (more servers) right away.

They seemed to like me. We joked a lot about how developers can be lazy. I felt pretty comfortable. They didn't have much of a problem with what I was saying. My answers just seemed to spur more questions. I was in with them over an hour. It felt good that I wasn't possibly going into a place that had problems I was not familiar with. Some of the solutions I suggested were new to me, but it just meant I would have to learn even more about the tools that I am already extremely comfortable with.

Once they passed me off to Bob I kind of felt like I had things fairly well covered. Bob asked me some of the same questions, but some were totally different. I think Bob has some plans that the rest of the guys are not aware of. He was pretty easy to talk to, unlike the interview I was on a couple weeks ago.

One thing that came up that threw me was that Bob was refering to this as a permanent position. I was under the impression that it was a contract to hire. I showed him the e-mail from the recruiter. He said the recruiter probably just screwed up. He told me they were trying to get away from hiring contractors. I had already decided that I was ok with a perm position in Denver prior to even starting the interview process. Then he asked me what my salary requirment were.
I was quickly trying to rewind my memory to what I had told the recruiter. I remembered the conversation, but forgot the number. I threw out a number about 10 percent higher than what I was making at Agilent (hey, I deserve a raise). He response was "I think we can work with that without any problems". Which I replied, "Well that was too easy for you, make it {____ +$15K more}". We both laughed, but in truth I was thinking "Damn it! I should have pushed higher". He said that there are scales they need to stay in.

He said there was another guy they were interviewing and that they should have word back to me in 1 or 2 days. I have been dealing with people unable to make decision to hire after weeks and weeks. I was relieved to know I didn't have to wait long to know.

I left feeling really good about this interview. I phoned my recruiter on my way to the interstate and let him know how it went. He asked me "When do I start"? I told him about the other guy they were going to interview. He said he knew about the other guy and that he was from out of state. He said they've been trying to nail down a date for him to fly in for a face to face. It sounded like my wait would be more than just a couple days. He said he would get back to me as soon as he heard anything.

When I got home I got online and over the next hour or so I let the few friends I saw logged in know that it went well. Mel and I were discussing the interview, and some movie stuff. Then Lee, one of my Agilent co-workers came on asking me how it went, and was bitching about some of the crap they are trying to get the people that are still on the project do before their end dates. I had just told her that I was hoping to hear in a day or 2... then the phone rang. They offered me the job!!!

Not only did they offer me what I initially told Bob, but they threw in a $5000 sign on bonus. KA-CHING!!!

I start August 7th

Saturday, July 22, 2006

5 Things

5 Things always in my purse/briefcase/backpack:
1. Keys
2. Sun glasses
3. Pens
4. Headphones
5. VPN/SecureID Card

5 Things always in my wallet:
1. Driver's license
2. Credit Card/Debit Card
3. Cash
4. Receipts
5. ATV Ownership Card

5 Things always in my refrigerator:
1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Beer
3. Fruit
4. Cheese
5. Many Expired Items

5 Things (at least) always in my closet:
1. Pants/Shirts/Shoes
2. Maxim & Playboy Magazines
3. Ironing Board
4. Spare Cell Phones (I probably have 5)
5. Fire Safe

5 Things always in my car:
1. CDs
2. Garage Door Remote
3. Blanket
4. No Doze
5. Credit Union Envelopes

5 (or more) Things always on my desk: (at work)
1. Laptop/Mouse/Keyboard
2. Notepad
3. Blank CDs/DVDs
4. Altoids
5. Juggling Balls

5 People to tag
1. Chrissie (I have to tag her... it's a tradition)
2. Terry (She's moving up in the world. We have to keep her humble)
3. Wicked (Got to get her to post somehow)
4. Grace (It's about time I tagged her for something)
5. Laurie (Because I didn't get to meet her when I was in Michigan)

If you don't want to do it I'll TRY to forgive you

Is getting exercise really worth it?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Grace is craving me...

OK, maybe I'm overstating things a bit.

This has been a slow week. I am not feeling like myself. The job situation is still bugging me.

I had a phone interview yesterday (Thursday) that went VERY well. I talked to a VP and an engineering director for a company in Denver. I seemed to have all the right answers and fit as far as the job requirements go. If I get the position I would have one guy "reporting to me". It is not really a management position, but I would own my portion of the software development process (meaning if something goes wrong, it's my ass). They seemed open to making some changes.

When I go into an interview I don't just see it as they are checking me out. I am also checking them out. Early on in my career I took jobs because they liked my qualification. I didn't ask too many questions about their operations. This lead to me having to learn a lot, eventually being unhappy. Now I scrutinize the companies a lot more. I have turned down jobs in the past because it sounded like they didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Well, they liked me enough to now schedule a face to face interview in Denver for Monday. I am pretty excited about it. They scheduled me to be there from 11:30 to 2. Do these people not believe in taking a lunch break? Just something else to consider when making my decision.


It seems to me that there are a lot of people dropping their blogs lately. Some are switching to other blog sites while others are fed up with the drama.

Hmmm drama...

Yes, life is full of drama. I have had some people say some relatively nasty things about me this past year and a half in Blogger. This amazes me, because I think most of what I have to say is pretty mundane. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to let those negative comments just go away.

I used to play on an on-line game service (Pogo). The games were fun for the most part, but the people were fairly interesting. I met a few nice people there. I even met one of them in person. The drama there was amazing. People would flirt with each other all the time. Sounds like Blogger quite a bit, huh? The jealousy and drama was more than I could take. There were guys threatening me because I would flirt with a woman they wanted. It was so stupid. Eventually I tired of it. Most of the people were in their 30s, but they sure acted like a bunch of teenagers.

I hope this place doesn't end up like that.

My kids get back from Chicago tomorrow and MS gets back from Europe Monday. I hope that livens things up around here.

I AM SO BORED! Not even my normal hobbies have any appeal right now.

I think I'll head out to ride my bike. I hope you all are well.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend stuff

I am tired, but i can't sleep. Forgive me, but I would guess that this is going to be one of those long posts that jumps all over the place.

I had 2 interviews this week. One of them was at an agency up in Denver. I drove an hour and 20 minutes to their office for a 30 minute interview, then an hour and 20 minutes back. I tried to hook up with some old work friends from up there for happy hour, but no one could make it.

The agency liked what I had to say. They called me about 30 minutes after I left to inform me they were submitting me to the client. I am not too hopeful since I am a relative expert on one tool and they use others that I will have to learn. But who knows.

The week had passed and the biggest thing I had planned for the weekend was getting together with a few (former) work buddies and play a game or 2.

Saturday came along and I had to prepare for game night. It was my turn to host. It was going to be a low turnout because one of the guys was camping, and another is getting ready to get married next week (and he wouldn't let us throw him a bachelor party). MS has been included in the last couple board game nights, but since she is in Europe I guess she misses out on all the fun (yeah, right).

Everyone started showing up around 2 p.m. Dan wanted to start earlier than usual because he had a new game that was going to take a while to learn and play. The name of the game is Descent. It is very Dungeons & Dragons like, but is not considered a role playing game because it doesn't continue on and on like D&D would. I would say it is like the computer game Diablo 2, but in a board game. I am clueless when it comes to this sort of game, but since only Dan knew anything about it we went long. We started playing around 2:30 and got very involved. We had planned on barbecuing some chicken, but forgot until about 6:30 in the evening.

We were only about half way through the "dungeon". Dan was right that this could take a while. We took a break to prep the chicken. Jason works as a volunteer EMT in one of the nearby small towns, so I guess he gets some cooking ideas from the firehouse. On the menu tonight, whole chickens cooked upright with a 24 oz beer can shoved in the opening.

It was quite a site to see. Jason prepared the chicken with olive oil and a poultry rub. I got the grill warmed up, then watched as he violated these chickens with the beers cans. The chickens stood straight up sitting on the beer can. My grill is fairly large, but the lid is not supposed to be closed when you cook on it. Whenever I forget about that I burn whatever I am cooking, even on low. We had to cover the chickens a little so that they would cook better, so I propped the grill lid open enough to accommodate the standing chickens. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures. Jason figured that since we couldn't close the lid entirely it would take longer for the birds to cook. We went back to playing the game but kept an eye on the grill.

We rotated the chicken about every 20-30 minutes. After about 90 minutes we decided they were probably done. Extracting the beer cans from the orifices was a 2 man job, but we did it without spilling anything. The chicken tasted incredible. I guess the beer boils and steams the inside of the chicken while the grill does the outside. It was incredibly juicy and fell right off the bones.

After about a 30 minute break to complete dinner prep and eat we continued on with the game, which lasted until around 11:30. Yes, that's right 9 hours of gaming including breaks. Dan said this was one of the smaller dungeons. I just checked the web site. It states that it takes 1 - 3 hours to play. BULLSHIT!!! WTF people? Over all it was a fairly fun game, but that is just way too much time.

My brother was coming by to borrow my truck on Sunday. His friend Jay was in town and Jay needed to buy a new stove for one of his rental units that he owns. Mike called on his way over and I hear Jay talking in the background about bringing over some mushrooms for me. I told him no fucking way.

Tonight my brother was having a barbecue with a bunch of his friends, so I headed over there for a bit. As soon as I arrived Jay started telling the story of when I tried mushrooms at a huge camping party we had in the mountains a couple years ago. Some of the people at the barbecue witnessed me at the party, while others were hearing about this for the first time. Everyone had a big laugh. That was quite embarrassing.

I hung out, had a brat and a few beers and talked to my brothers ex-girlfriend, Jackie. They are still friends. She was a bit shocked to hear that I did any kind of drugs. It's not really a proud moment in my life. She then asked me how the job search was going and has someone that she is going to hook me up with for a possible job lead. Always good to have an inside "friend".

Friends of my brother are always surpised at how little they see me around. A lot of them don't even know I live in the same town. I don't go out drinking very often, and I am certainly not "in" with this crowd. They are all nice, but they are my brother's friends, not mine. I guess Jackie had heard about my big relationship blunder last summer. She didn't know any details so she asked me to fill her in. I don't really like thinking about that, but gave her enough to make her jaw drop.

She then started asking me if I was still doing the Internet dating "thing". I didn't want to go into any big details. Chris, one of the other ladies there at the barbecue had recognized me a while back on a site I was using about 3 years ago and wanted to get together. I turned her down at the time which makes it twice that I turned her down. Previously she had hit on me (about 5 years ago) when she was drunk at my brother's bar. She gave me her number. I tried to tell her no at the time, but she was too drunk to understand. I think she is too embarrassed about the whole thing. She doesn't talk to me much anymore.

That reminds of a funny incident. A while after Mike and Jackie stopped dating when I was at Mike's bar. Jackie was there, and a bit drunk, being jealous because Mike had a new girlfriend. Jackie proceeded to hit on me. I turned her down just on principle.

So I'm sitting there talking to Jackie at my bother's house tonight, and she starts telling me about another lady on the other side of the deck from me, Melissa. Things like Melissa goes to a lot of these parties and barbecues, and tends to leave with someone she meets there. Was Jackie suggesting I cozy up to Melissa so I could be the next one she takes home?

Melissa is a VERY pretty lady, and maybe in other circumstances I would have gone for it, but I felt wierd about the whole evening already. I ducked out around 11. My brother gave me shit because "it's not like I have to go to work".

WOW, my prediction was right about me jumping all over the place. Maybe I shouldn't drink before I post.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An update...

It's been a fun and spastic week and a half since getting laid off.

I haven't had anymore face to face interviews, but lots of calls, which is encouraging. Most are for Denver or out of state jobs, but a few are local. I have a face to face interview tomorrow afternoon. I am not too jazzed about the job, but it'll pay the bills. There is another agency working me for a spot in south Denver. Nothing official yet.

Other things going on...

Movies I have seen in the last 2 weeks:

Superman - I went into it very skeptical since the commercials painted the all to familiar cheesiness factor into it. Yes, it did have a little of the cheese, but not at a bad level. We saw it in the IMAX theater in 3D, which was an interesting treatment. The plot had some good twists that had me surprised. Kevin Spacey was AWESOME as Lexx Luthor.

The Devil Wears Prada - I took MS and her daughter to see it. They've been advertising this one pretty hard in the trailers, but from what I saw it seemed like much more than just a dumb chick flick that no one over the age of 18 would enjoy. The characters were very fun, even the bitchy assistant. The writing was quite good with plenty of laughs throughout. Stanley Tucci is awesome as always. I recommend it!

Pirates 2 - I had some doubts that this would be as good as it's predecessor, but those doubt were washed away very quickly. This franchise runs a very fine line of an action comedy, that works surprisingly well. Johnny Depp is awesome! The other returning cast was quite good including a couple of the now mortal pirates from the fist installment. Very funny stuff there too. A must see!

Click - This movie was so overly advertised that I did not want to see it. I tend to like Adam Sandler movies, but the amount of advertising was absurd. All that being said, Kevin went to see it with a friend when I was still working and Erik was at daycamp. Erik was upset that he didn't get to see it so I told him that I would take him without Kevin. I was better than I expected, but not much. Kate was one of the best parts of the movie. Always gorgeous. A definite rental.

I am all movied out for the week.

I agreed to buy my friend Mike's Honda CRF70 when I get a job. He is moving to Idaho and doesn't want to take it. Taylor grew out of it 2 years ago, and his daughter has a Honda 90 ATV. No, they aren't spoiled. Mike was mostly keeping it around for when we went out to their property so that there would be one more bike for one of the kids to ride. He taught Erik to ride it last year.

Friday Erik and I went up to the mountains camping and riding ATVs and motorcycles with mike and his family. Kevin is still restricted from riding, but he was going to some motocross event down in Walsenburg, CO with the ex's boyfriend anyway (I need to vent about that sometime... maybe at the end of this post).

It rained for the majority of the time we were there, but we still had fun regardless. We got a couple short runs in on Saturday when the rain let up for a while. These rides were made extra fun by the fact that every pothole or bump in the trail held some water. There are a couple expected puddles on these trails that this time were quite huge. I have a quad that has no problem getting through them, but Mike and his wife got bogged down a bit. Erik only rode his bike on an easy run, and he did very well except for a couple spills. It always kills me to see him get banged up. He has a nice bruise on his thigh as a trophy of the weekend. He is kind of proud of it.

Today I took the kids up to Water World. We took my unadopted son, Taylor (Mike's kid), as well. I was thinking it wasn't going to happen because I woke up feeling like I was going to be sick, but that feeling passed. Then as we're driving through Denver to Thornton (northern suburb of Denver) I saw the rain clouds starting to peek over the mountains. We've been getting a lot of rain lately. I warned the guys that we might not get a lot of time at the water park with those clouds rolling in. They quickly made plans on which slides to go on first to make sure they got the best ones out of the way. It's really quite comical to listen to then brainstorm.

We got in a few great runs, and the clouds were starting to block the sun. It was about lunch time and I hadn't eaten since last night since my stomach was upset. I said one more run before we get lunch.

I figured by the time we finished eating we would be running for the car, but that didn't happen. The clouds were staying back. We finished lunch and kept riding every slide and spent quite a bit of time in the tidal wave pool. Always fun.

Unfortunately, the SPF 50 sunblock that Taylor brought was not waterproof like the stuff I took. Kevin was using Taylor's and even after 2 coats of that stuff he still got a nice burn. He's feeling it now. Luckily I put the waterproof SPF 30 on me and Erik a couple times. I still got a bit cooked on my shoulders, but not too bad.

MS leaves on her Europe trip with her girlfriend tomorrow. I know I don't talk about her much, but we've been dating now for 4 months. She is a great lady. We spend only 1 or sometimes 2 days/evenings together per week. Mostly on the weeks we don't have our kids.

Last Thursday there was kind of a meltdown. I have an ongoing computer gaming night every Thursdays with my friends from work and other friends that join us from other parts of the country. Well I didn't realize that last Thursday was the last day prior to her Europe trip that neither of us had our kids. We had seen each other on Tuesday and had plans to see each other this past Sunday with our kids. Well she got upset that my gaming night was more important than her. Well maybe not more important, but that I would rather do that than see her that night.

I don't know if I did the right thing or the wrong thing, but I cancelled getting on-line with my friends and headed over to her house (unannounced) to apologize for making her feel less important.

That fixed the immediate problem, but have I set a precedence for how I should react to future conflicts? Maybe I am over reacting. ARGH!

As for Kevin and my ex's boyfriend. I am getting pissed off about this guy. I don't like how he only does things with Kevin. It's almost like Erik doesn't even exist sometimes. But then the guy asks Kevin if he wants to do some cool thing on a day that he is supposed to be with me. Kevin in turn asks me, and if I don't have anything planned I would be a real shit for not letting him go.

I am going to have to tell Irene that this has to stop. If he wants to take Kevin somewhere during my week he should ask me first before talking to Kevin. I want Kevin to have fun and experience these cool things, but to have Kevin ask me is undermining my ability to put my foot down. I feel like I am being manipulated. I'll probably wait to put my foot down until after I get permission to take the kids to Michigan for Christmas :D

Monday, July 03, 2006

What Temperment Are You?

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

OK, that was a little too accurate... and scary.

You are Agnostic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.

Have I opened a can of worms?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

No More Smoking...

Colorado Springs' smoking ban starts today. Certain places are exempt, like the cigar bar I was at last night. I am a non-smoker, so I am glad. How are people dealing with this concept in other parts of the country/world?