Saturday, November 07, 2009

Getting out...

I have been happily getting out and socializing more these days. My friend Laura continues to take me to her "singles group" outings. They are a very good group of people. I was kind of expecting when Laura started inviting me to these events, that things would get ugly from time to time. Maybe it's because of the age group that most of these people are in is at a more mature level... or these people are just more respectful.

I know that Laura has dated a few of the guys from the group. And when I show up with her, I do get looked at like I am dating her. Which I am not. I think it is funny when there are guys interested in her and they see me there, they get kind of jealous and territorial. At first I kind of hung with Laura as I am a bit shy. As I met a few people I felt comfortable getting buried in deep conversations with the guys and the women in the group. Sometimes I feel like some of these conversations are like job interviews. Kind of strange, but I don't mind.

This past couple weeks I have gone to a comedy club, a Halloween party and a night at a club here in town to see a blues band and do some dancing. A lot of the same people were at these places, so I was able to remember some people's names. Well, those that I could recognize out of their costumes.

At the club the other night there was this couple that I just met at the Halloween party. I don't know if they met through the groups or what. He seemed really nice, and even understood what I do for a living (that is very rare). She was also really nice... nicer than I expected since we had just met a few days before. Maybe she was trying to make her guy jealous, I don't know. So much for being adults. I decided the best thing to do is just kind of play along as if I think she is kidding around, and make sure he thinks that too.

Another lady showed up later that I am very attracted to. She is intelligent, funny as hell (tells some great dirty jokes), and a gorgeous redhead. Her name is also Laura. She has this long distance boyfriend thing going on, but she is also very friendly to me. She is fun to talk to, but she is also kind of intimidating. I just try to be my normal self.

It kind of cracks me up how hard some of the guys try to impress the women. I just wonder if it ever really works. The hand kissing, and over the top compliment seem so phoney to me.

Dancing to me is always kind of an awkward area for me. I feel fairly comfortable on the dance floor. I dont try to do anything fancy. I never learned to swing dance. So I just keep it simple. But sometimes people look at me funny. I don't really care what they think, but it does get me a little self conscious. Maybe I am reacting wrong. Maybe they like what I am doing, but who knows. I do watch some of the guys trying to be a little hipper than they should. That is a little unnerving. I sometimes think to myself "Do I look like that?" I;ve decided that I don't.

I am not an official member of any of these groups. I think I'll keep it that way for a little while. But I think I might like getting into one of the hiking groups. For someone that has lived here in Colorado Springs for 32 years, I sure don't know where many of the good hiking trails are. I could certainly use the exercise.