Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spending time with my son

My youngest son, Erik, is 17 years old. He'll be 18 in October. He still likes doing things with me; board games, going to movies, watching our favorite TV shows. But as with every kid this age I see him being more independent, and spending more time with his friends.

Erik and I have a good relationship, but his smart ass attitude makes it difficult to really have a good talk with him. We're trying to figure out colleges and such. He just started his senior year, and his grades are not stellar, so our options will be limited (as is my ability to help pay for school). I would really like for him to stay here and go to the local community college and transfer to a CU branch, but I'm not sure that is where he wants to go. I have floated the idea of CSU in Pueblo. I have also talked about one of the schools in Denver, since I eventually want to move closer to work.
Then I wonder if I should just cut the umbilical, and let him go. 

My oldest brother told Erik that he could stay with them if he wanted to go to a Connecticut school, which he is considering. The thought of him being that far as away created a lot of anxiety for me, but being with family would not be a bad thing. Maybe I've just being overly clingy to him lately. We'll see how this year moves along.

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