Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just friends...

Carla contacted me a few months ago, out of the blue. She is an ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine. He is not a close friend. Apparently things did not end well between them, and I am not one to pry, so I haven't. I just know that he also dated my friend Lolly a few years ago, and I know all too well how that ended. I know he seems completely against getting married again, and he tends to not stay with someone for more than 6 months or so. I am fairly sure this is what happened again.

She asked if I wanted to get together. Carla very specifically said "as friends", and to just get out and do things. I find it fairly easy to be friends with women, and not think of it as an avenue of a future romantic relationship. Most people don't understand how I can do that. That being said, this feels different.

We started out with a movie, and have met a few times for happy hour. She is ok with tagging me in a Facebook "check-in", as long as we are with others, but doesn't do it when it is just us. Does she not want to start the rumor mill going. Regardless, I don't care.

One of the things I do know, is that she is a Republican. It's kind of unavoidable here in this town. We are the conservative hub of Colorado (another reason to eventually move to Denver). But clearly I can have a relationship with a woman with opposing political views. If she happens to be extremely religious on top of that, I am going to have to pass.

She joined my gym, which is great. It has helped to motivate me to go more often. We had been going at least twice a week, but it has trickled off since she went on vacation. Maybe she only joined to get toned up for wearing a bikini on the beach.

One happy hour we were at with friends, she got pretty toasted, so I waited with her until she was able to drive. She was a lot more touchy-feely than in the past which makes me wonder if she is changing her mind about the just friends idea.

I have mixed feelings about her, so I will not push this.

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